A crystal gallery presented to you by Tammy Adams

What makes the crystals at the

Crystal Healing Room Special?

Imported from around the world unique crystals that have been charged with the power of the vortex to help you have positive transformations. 


No matter what is blocking you these crystals will help you become in balance & help charge you. 

Crystals are becoming so popular, thanks to all of my customers I finally decided to open a crystal shop of my own. My crystals are very unique. They all have been energetically charged by me so that each person who buys one will reap the benefits of these internationally collected beauties. 


They are great for transforming any stagnate energy that has been lingering around or even help make movement in your business office to bring in more prosperity. 


Why are my crystals so special? I've been working with crystals for over 30 years and I've chosen only the highest quality with high vibrations then personally charged them again as if they have just come fresh out of the ground/cave just for you. Each crystal has such powerful energy and they are waiting for you to be the first to touch one and take it home. 


When purchasing a crystal at the crystal healing room you will get a free lesson on how to use the one you chose and which one is best for you as well. 

God Bless, 

Tammy Adams

Contact: 916-771-6777

Welcome to the Crystal Healing Room

Tammy Adams Guided Meditation CD

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